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The Syriac Tradition of the Organon of Aristotle

It has generally been assumed, and often argued, that the Syriac Aristotelian tradition was purely a school phenomenon which did not truly engage with the whole range of Aristotelian logic, a feat that was to have to wait for Al-Farabi and the Arabic philosophers of Baghdad. This myth needs to be exploded and the story of the transmission of the Organon, and of commentary upon it, needs to be reassessed and retold. Forthcoming work by John Watt will provide this and form a foundation for a better overall conception of the place and importance of Syrian philosophy.

In this connection, the Syriac side of the Latin and Syriac Commentary Project will take as its focus two very early and important texts from the history of the Organon in its Syro-Arabic tradition, namely Sergius of Res'aina's Commentary on the Categories and the earliest Syriac Translation of the Categories.