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Platonic Appropriations

Chair: Marilynn Lawrence ( or

This panel covers issues related to how Platonic authors (including the early academy, Middle Platonism, later Academies, and Neoplatonism) used ideas from other schools of thought as a part of a Platonic worldview. Were such importations successful? Can we say they naturally follow from Plato's writings, or are they interjections that contradict other concerns and doctrines within the body of Platonic thought? Can we find appropriated philosophies that are implicit in the writings of Platonists, though not attributed to the originating school? Some schools that have been or may have been appropriated include the Pythagoreans, Sophists, various religious cults, Stoics, Epicureans (yes? maybe?), Skeptics, Hermeticists, Gnostics, and Peripatetics.