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Lovers of the Soul, Lovers of the Body: Platonists on the Soul and the Body

Chairs: John F. Finamore (, Ilaria Ramelli (, and Svetla Slaveva-Griffin (

The times have passed when the scholarly discussion of the relation between soul and body in ancient philosophy resembled one concerning positive and negative images in photography. Intrigued and inspired by the dialectics of the ancient philosophers' famous analogy of the relation between soul and body as "mixing between wine and water," we would like to invite papers investigating this relationship in the Platonic tradition, including Middle and Neoplatonism, ‘pagan,’ Jewish, and Christian alike. Papers presenting the Peripatetic and Islamic views on the topic are equally welcomed. A tentative but not exclusive list of topics includes the nature, composition, origin of the soul and the body, the relation of soul to matter, and the relation of the body to eternal destiny.