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News and Events

12 November 2014

Annual Public Lecture: Timothy D. Barnes, University of Edinburgh, Imperial Collegiality, 161-480 

25-27 April 2014

47th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies: The Emperor in the Byzantine World

13 November 2013

Annual Public Lecture: Professor Lewis Ayres, Durham, Continuity and Change in Second-Century Christianity: A Narrative Against the Trend

12 June 2013

Public Lecture: Dr. John Watt, The Neoplatonic Aristotle from Alexandria to Baghdad

12-15 June 2013

11th Annual Conference, International Society for Neoplatonic Studies

28 November 2012

4.30pm, Room 5.26: Religious Studies Research Seminar: Dr. Hugh Houghton, Birmingham University, Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing: Editing the Greek and Latin New Testament in a Digital Age

14 November 2012

Annual Public Lecture: Professor Jill Harries, University of St. Andrew's 

5-8 September 2012

Cardiff Panel at the Celtic Conference in Classics, Bordeaux, 5-8 September 2012

Religious Studies Spring Seminar Series 2012

28 November 2011

Cardiff and District Classical Association Lecture: Shaun Tougher, Cardiff University: Narses and the Reconquest of Italy: Eunuchs as Generals in the Later Roman Empire

16 November 2011

Public lecture: A Continuing City - Why Late Antiquity Matters - Speaker: Professor emerita Gillian Clark, Bristol

13 July 2011

Men and Masculinity in Late Antiquity and Byzantium

A panel at the International Medieval Congress (IMC) in Leeds sponsored by the Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture under the leadership of Dr. Shaun Tougher

13 June 2011

Professor Geoffrey Greatrex, Ottawa: Who Wrote the Church History of Theodore Lector?

19 January 2011

The Sons of Constantine

24 November 2010

Constantine, the Book of the Popes, and the Christian Basilicas of Rome

18 November 2009

Sacred and Secular: Religion and the Making of Late Antiquity

September 2009

Translation and Christianisation - Origins of the Latin and Syriac Commentary Tradition

July 2009

Emperor and Author: The Writings of Julian the Apostate

19 November 2008

Annual Public Lecture: Nativism and the Late Antiquity Paradigm in Celtic Studies

October 2008 - March 2009

New! 2008-9 CLARC Seminar Series

28 May 2008

Research Seminar: 'Patriarchs and Politics in Sixth Century Constantinople'

March 2008

Spring Seminar Series 2008

November 2007

'Manichaeism in the Latin West'

October 2007


September 2007


August 2007

Joint Research Workshop
13 August 2007



February 2007

Spring Seminars and Events 2007
22 February 2007
Spring Seminars and Events 2007 at the Centre For Late Antique Religion & Culture (CLARC).

January 2007

Emperors, Authors and Heretics:Religion in the Age of Julian the Apostate
24 January 2007

A one day colloquium at Cardiff University, hosted by CLARC - Emperors, Authors and Heretics: Religion in the Age of Julian the Apostate.


March 2007

November 2006

15 November 2006: 'The Brilliant Teaching' - Chinese Nestorian Documents from the Tang Dynasty, by Dr Max Deeg, followed by Wine Reception

October 2006

Autumn Seminar Series 2006
16 November 2006

July 2006

International Conference on Jerome of Stridon
13 July 2006

Details on the conference - Jerome of Stridon. Religion, Culture, Society and Literature in Late Antiquity.

March 2006

February 2006 

Text and Film Workshop
20 February 2006
"Surrealist Historiography" - Luis Buñuel's "Simon of the Desert", Early Christian Stylites and Ancient Phallobatai

November 2005

'The Emperor's Lost Gold' - The Hoxne Treasure and the Collapse of Roman Britain
16 November 2006

Details on the lecture 'The Emperor's Lost Gold - The Hoxne Treasure and the Collapse of Roman Britain'


May 2005

Islamic Cities in the Classical Age
7 May 2005

Symposium held by the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at MIT.

April 2005