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Links to Electronic Study Resources

This page contains a selection of links to electronic resources relevant for the study of Late Antiquity. The site is still being developed. Any suggestions concerning additions to existing groupings or new groupings are welcome.

Cardiff Ancient History Electronic Study Resources

Contains mostly links relevant for Ancient History, but parts of it are also relevant for Late Antiquity.

Online Text Collections

Blue Letter Bible

This site contains Biblical Texts in many languages, including Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, plus electronic dictionaries and other aids.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library 

Contains freely accessible early Christian texts in translation.

Early Christian Writings 

Contains freely accessible early Christian texts in translation up to the third century AD.

The Gnosis Archive 

A comprehensive site informing about Gnosis, including an online collection of Gnostic texts.

The Latin Library 

Contains Latin texts.

The Perseus Digital Library 

Contains Greek and Latin texts in original languages and translations plus many tools, dictionaries, grammars and other aids.

The Tertullian Project 

A site devoted to the writings of Tertullian and related authors.

Documenta Catholica Omnia

Has what it says on the label, but only in the original languages (Greek and Latin).

Internet Archive

Provides free access to digital books and other online resources.


Online Collections of Papyri and Manuscripts

Carlsberg Papyri 
Cologne Papyri
The Cologne Mani Codex
Oxyrhynchus Papyri Online
Codices Electronici Sangallenses
Copenhagen E-Manuscripts
Bibliotheca Palatina (Heidelberg) Digital Manuscripts
Codices Electronices Ecclesiae Coloniensis