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Undergraduate Learning & Teaching

Late Antiquity is the period roughly between 100 and 700 C.E. when in the regions and cultures around the Mediterranean the modern ‘western’ world emerged.

Religions like Christianity, Judaism, Islam and post-classical (‘Neo’-) Paganism cannot be understood without an in depth understanding of the religious, cultural and political processes at work during that period.

The lists below contain modules that enable students to engage critically with Late Antiquity, focus on one or several religious traditions and thus develop a variety of academic and transferable skills (linguistic, historical, archaeological, sociological and anthropological) to address competently some of the most burning issues in the world today.

For further information on each module click on the links below:

Discursive Modules

Religious Studies

  • RT 2301 History and Religion of Ancient Israel
  • RT 2306 Ancient, Medieval and Modern Judaism
  • RT 4208 The Early Church: History and Memory
  • RT 1218 Exploring Gnosticism
  • RT 1209 Early Islam

Ancient History

  • HS 3307 Julian the Apostate
  • HS 3308 The End of Antiquity
  • HS 3318 The Later Roman Empire
  • HS 3331 Roman Religion

Language Modules

Postgraduate Taught Programmes