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Dr James Siemens 


2009-present DD.Lic. University of Wales

The meaning of time and the work of Christ: the Laterculus Malalianus and eschatology in late antique historiography

A post-doctoral License in Divinity, this included two research presentations at separate colloquia and an externally examined paper. Supervised by Dr Andreas Andreopoulos.

2001-2008 Ph.D. University of Wales

‘Theodore of Tarsus, the Laterculus Malalianus, and the Person and Work of Christ’

Under the supervision of Professor Tom O’Loughlin, my research explored the life and writings of Theodore of Tarsus, in order to determine the extent and nature of his contribution to early medieval British theology.

1994-1997 M.Div. McGill University (M.D.T.C.)

1994-1996 B.Th. McGill University

1990-1993 B.A. University of Manitoba


Ecclesiastical History Society
International Society of Anglo-Saxonists
Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain
European Society for Catholic Theology

I am now directing the nascent Theotokos Institute for Catholic Studies in Cardiff, and undertaking my research as a member of the Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture.