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A major focus of attention has been the examination of the scientific basis for archaeological chronologies and this has produced significant outputs.

Both these projects use Bayesian analysis of radiocarbon dates and were developed in close collaboration with Alex Bayliss (English Heritage).

  • Alasdair Whittle used Gathering Time as the base for a new project, Times of their Lives, funded by an European Research Council Advanced Investigator grant (£2.1M), that will provide precise chronologies for the Neolithic in Europe.
  • Dusan Boric has conducted AMS dating projects through the NRCF-funded programmes at a number of sites in Serbia, Italy and Hungary to improve the chronology of particular prehistoric case studies in these regions. These include the dating of the Early Mesolithic in the Danube Gorges, the beginnings of the Neolithic in northern Italy, and early Copper Age mortuary practices in the eastern Carpathian Basin.
  • Jacquie Mulville and Steve Mills are partners in the English Heritage-funded Lyonesse Project to date sea level change in the Isles of Scilly.
  • Richard Madgwick, Jaqcui Mulville and Niall Sharples are all involved in interrogating chronological change in a variety of projects.