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International Congress on Medieval Studies

Once again this year Cardiff University is involved in the International Congress on Medieval Studies [14-17 May], held annually in the USA at Kalamazoo.



New Exploring the Past Courses

The Exploring the Past lecture series is part of the Exploring the Past pathway



Tracey Loughran
Masculinity, trauma & shell-shock

Cardiff historian writes new article in The Psychologist

Sshhh it's taboo!

Special edition of SHARE e-journal planned


Magna Carta the British Library
When Magna Carta met Horrible Histories

In an article in The Conversation [9 Feb 2015] Cardiff University historian Paul Webster looks at how modern television programming can teach us a lesson or two, and make the message stick.



One to watch! - Chance to see again Hitler's Hunting Experiment [More 4, Saturday 9pm]

How the Nazis used a blend of politics and biology to try to change the course of evolution with the aim of filling vast forest parks with extinct but revered game animals to populate vast hunting parks through an ambitious programme of genetic manipulation.

Contributing are Cardiff academics Osteoarchaeologist Dr Jacqui Mulville and Senior Modern European Historian Dr Toby Thacker. Both research at Cardiff, as well as teach popular undergraduate modules.

More on Hitler’s Hunting Experiment: Channel4 Programmes


Zia Salik
Bringing thousands to Cardiff virtually in 10th anniversary year

Islam UK Public Lecture Series 2015 streams live across the globe this Spring




Margaret Roberts
Putting Welsh-American pioneer back on historic map

A Cardiff University historian, Professor Bill Jones, is helping put one of Wales’ long-forgotten pioneers back on the historic map in a new programme shining light on the writer & women’s rights campaigner Margaret Roberts .


Why Holocaust Memorial Day remains a vital day of remembrance

In Europe and in the Middle East, anti-Semitism is growing. Intolerance, racism, and cruelty are the staples of our daily news diet and we are witnessing the worldwide growth of an ideology which rejoices in killing its opponents. Holocaust Memorial Day matters more than ever'.

Senior Lecturer in Modern European Historian Dr Toby Thacker reminds us why we should never forget. And why this year being the 70th anniversary of the liberation, we still need this structured memory.

Read his new article in The Conversation out today.


S4C Dylan ar Daith - Leading Cardiff University Welsh Historian contributes to new historical series

Professor in Modern Welsh History at Cardiff Bill Jones is contributing to new historical series Dylan ar Daith on S4C.

Dylan ar Daith - O San Steffan i Tennessee [first shown 10 January] - In this programme Dylan Iorwerth time travels to Alabama, Tennessee, New York, London and Aberystwyth. He follows a key journey undertaken by John Griffith, Y Gohebydd (the Reporter) - a radical, an influential thinker and important communicator of his time.  Bill provides insights into Wales first professional newspaper reporter and a crucial figure in late S4C  nineteenth century Wales, bringing his research into the history of the press in late 19th century Wales to the wider world:

'Between 1865 and 1867 this journalist toured the USA following the end of the Civil War and experienced at first hand the effects of that conflict on the Southern States and the growing political battle over Reconstruction and the emancipation of former slaves' says Bill.

Click here for more information 

One to Watch! Watch out for a future programme [31 January] on Welsh American writer and women’s rights campaigner Margaret Evans Roberts, drawing on Bill's original research. More details to follow.


Wash like an Egyptian!

Ancient cosmetic recipes often claimed the endorsement of celebrities such as Cleopatra. But could they really have made her complexion so famously milky?

Cardiff Ancient Historian Dr Laurence Totelin has got her hands dirty finding out what cosmetics Cleopatra might have loved.

Read her piece in the New Scientist


Religious and Theological Studies ranked in UK top 10

Cardiff University has been ranked 10th in the UK for Theology and Religious studies research, in the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF).

The REF assesses the performance of UK universities and their constituent research areas and demonstrates the value and impact of UK higher education institutions’ research.

The rise of ten places, from 20th in 2008, places Cardiff ahead of institutions such as Bristol, Exeter and Oxford. 33 institutions were submitted to the Theology and Religious studies Unit of Assessment.

For full details, see: Click here on Cardiff University Research pages


Magna Carta Centenary: Magna Carta and the Image of Bad King John - New article for The Conversation by Cardiff historian Paul Webster

Insider preview:  'On 15 June 2015, Queen Elizabeth II will travel to Runnymede, around 3½ miles from Windsor Castle, for an international commemoration of the agreement, 800 years ago, of the revered document (or charter) that came to be known as Magna Carta.

In marking what is now seen as a momentous constitutional event, this years’ celebration will stand in marked contrast to the atmosphere in 1215. Then, King John made the journey from Windsor to Runnymede as a much embattled and widely hated ruler seeking to avert (or perhaps just postpone) civil war.

Read the article in full here: The Conversation Bad King John


The unfinished Ram headed sphinx at Gebel el Silsila
Uncovering the secrets of building the temples of Ancient Egypt

Recent Archaeology Phd Student at Cardiff University Dr Sarah Doherty talks about exciting Ancient Egyptian finds on an international project.

Your Country Needs You
Doves & Hawks

An alternative Welsh view of the Great War: Wales, pacifism & the rise of Marxism explored in new BBC Radio Wales series