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'Further exciting surprises'

7 November 2013

Cardiff Research Professor comments on Nazi-looted art trove find

Professor Jonathan Osmond, Research Professor in Modern European History at Cardiff comments on the trove of Nazi-looted art found in Munich in an article in History Extra:

"This is truly an extraordinary find. The announcement has been made now, but clearly the pictures were discovered last year and the experts are still working on them and not yet giving out all the information they have.
“Hildebrand Gurlitt, who 'collected' the paintings, was well known as an art dealer. He reported – falsely – that the pictures had been destroyed in the bombing of Dresden in 1945, which raises fascinating questions about which well-known works actually survived, from the 20th but also from the 19th century.
“There will no doubt be further exciting surprises. The question of ownership and restitution to heirs will be a long and complicated one.”

For the full interview: visit history extra page