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The Poor Hands of Bert Coombes

On BBC Radio Wales' Arts Show on 5/12/12 at 18.30, Peter Stead looks at the social and political legacy of miner Bert Coombes' autobiography. Leading expert in Welsh History in SHARE Professor Bill Jones joins to add to the debate, drawing from his published work about this key figure.

[repeated 7/12/12 at 0530] on iPlayer for one week

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Joanne Wesley Williams

Exploring the Past for a better future

Exploring the Past, a unique access route to higher education at Cardiff University, has this year helped another seven local adult learners to transform their lives and progress onto a degree scheme.


Dr Peter Guest on site at the excavations in Caerleon

Who do you think you are?

In a public lecture at the University, Dr Peter Guest, of the School of History, Archaeology and Religion will present some of the fascinating new results from his excavations on the site of the Roman fortress at Caerleon, before exploring how history and archaeology have been used, and misused, to create the heroes and villains we know so well.

Starts at 6.30pm on Thursday 29th November and takes place in the Julian Hodge Building



Cardiff Early Sanskrit Literature expert Dr Simon Brodbeck joins Melvyn Bragg and fellow guests on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time to discuss the Upanishads this Thursday, 8 November [9am].

Always a great listen, find out more about the ancient sacred texts of Hinduism. Composed over seven centuries by a variety of authors, the Upanishads were the starting point for the Hindu school of philosophy knows as Vedanta.

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Dorothy Bere
Award for SHARE!


First taught Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol award for SHARE!

Celebrating Excellence Awards
Celebrating Excellence Awards - SHARE


Awards dinner Tuesday 23 October 2012

The Stoa of Attalos, a reconstructed building at the Agora site, Athens, which houses a museum, offices, and the conservation lab where I worked (the Acropolis site is in the background)
Helping to conserve the Agora in Athens


Francis Lukezic - one of our current Masters conservators - reports on a hot summer helping conserve one of the gems of the ancient world:

In Our time

Cardiff Ancient warfare expert Dr Louis Rawlings joins Melvyn Bragg and fellow guests on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time to discuss the life and achievements of Hannibal next Thursday, 11 October [9am].

Always a great listen, find out more about one of the most celebrated military leaders in history. Hannibal was an inspirational Carthaginian general who led an entire army across the Alps in order to attack the Roman Republic....

In Our Time is available on BBC IPlayer after each episode.

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Nerys Rudder

New SHARE MSc Conservation Practice student Nerys Rudder from Barbados has won this year’s top Cardiff University International Scholarship Fund in the first year of these new awards.
Nerys accepted the award from Cardiff University Pro Vice-Chancellor [International, Innovation, Engagement] Prof Hywel Thomas at a special reception on 2 October in Main College.

Congratulations to Nerys!

Her award funds full tuition fees for one year of study, plus maintenance grant of £10,000.

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Ming Hua students (l-r) Tina Franklin, Jason Leung, Paul Yu, Grace Chan, Winnie Lee & Andrew Todd
Chaplains for schools in Hong Kong to be trained in Wales


The Church in Wales / Cardiff University/ SKH Ming Hua Theological College

News Release September 24, 2012

Cardiff’s Centre for Chaplaincy Studies has been chosen to train chaplains for more than 150 church schools in Hong Kong

In Our time

History of Ideas

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the history of ideas - including topics drawn from philosophy, science, history, religion and culture. 

Catch In Our Time, BBC Radio 4, Thurs 20 September. 

Cardiff Professor of Archaeology Miranda Aldhouse-Green joins the panel discussing the history of ideas, chaired by Melvyn Bragg. This programme centres on 'Druids' and is scheduled to air live on Thursday 20 September. Miranda's research interests are Iron Age and Roman period ritual and religion. Her latest book was 'Caesar’s Druids'. Other recent books include 'Boudica Britannia' and 'An Archaeology of Images. Iconology and Cosmology in Iron Age and Roman Europe'. 

For more about In Our Time, including to download past programmes:


Dr Padma Anagol

BBC Radio 4 – Beyond Belief Monday 10 September at 4.30pm.
Senior lecturer in History at Cardiff Dr Padma Anagol joins fellow academics and presenter Ernie Rea on BBC Radio 4's Beyond Belief.The story of Ram and Sita – told in the Hindu epic, the Ramavan – is known to every Hindu and – more indirectly to the millions who have seen the film Slumdog Millionaire.
There are around a million Hindus living in Britain and they take many of their values from the story of Ram. But are some of those values demeaning to women? There are many gods and goddesses in Hinduism but do they provide good role models for modern women? What does Hinduism teach about how women are supposed to live their lives?
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Plas Brynkir
Revealing an Unsung Treasure

Plas Brynkir, North Wales Archaeological Building Investigation and Recording Project

A new Cardiff University project aiming to discover more of the history of one of Gwynedd’s unsung treasures at Plas Brynkir is about to begin.

Cardiff Sparkles Archaeology Awards
Cardiff Sparkles in 2012


Cardiff sparkles among the best of British archaeology
– and that’s official!

At a well‐attended awards ceremony in the British Museum on 9 July, many of the best projects, discoveries and communications relating to British archaeology over the last two years were officially recognised by the biennial British Archaeological Awards.

Swabian knot as featured in Britain's Secret Treasures
Britain's Secret Treasures

NEWS SHOCK: Archaeologist sacrifices ex-Blue Peter presenter

Catch Britain's Secret Treasures (ITV), Tuesday 17 July 7.30pm


Hitler, Stalin and Mr Jones[Storyville on BBC Four]
Catch it on Thursday 5 July 2012 at 9pm.

Cardiff lecturer in Modern European History Dr Toby Thacker has contributed to this new programme on BBC Four.

More details....
Storyville: an investigation into who killed Welsh journalist Gareth Jones.

Jones's greatest scoop was to reveal the starvation to death of millions in 1930s Ukraine, caused by Stalin's policies. A portrait emerges of a fiercely bright young man who preferred a journalist's life of courage and danger which took him from smalltown Wales to even hitching a lift in Hitler's private jet. However, in a 1930s world of competing ideologies, there existed a fine line between journalism and spying. This film explores to what extent this dual role, and taking on Stalin, may have contributed to his early death on the plains of Mongolia

For more and to view for up to seven days on IPlayer:


Dr Toby Thacker

BBC Radio Wales, 'Something Else', Sunday 1 July 2012

Modern historian Dr Toby Thacker comments on knowledge of key British moments in World War II and current surveys suggesting today's school pupils know less about their country's recent history.

The item appears about 13 minutes into this one hour BBC Radio Wales programme looking at stories in the newspapers in the past week.

Catch it on IPlayer:


School children, Dave Wyatt & Mark Drakeford AM
Share Their Story


University helps Caerau and Ely community discover their heritage.

An exhibition showcasing work by south Wales’ schoolchildren who surveyed and excavated an unexplored Iron Age hillfort in Cardiff as part of a University-led project has been launched at the National History Museum of Wales.


SHARE with Schools please click here for additional information


Time Team Logo
Rediscovering Ancient Britain


Professor Niall Sharples, Head of Archaeology and Conservation at Cardiff,  contributed to the TimeTeam special: 'Rediscovering Ancient Britain' [Channel 4, Sunday 17 June 2012].


Hereditary inequality dates back to the Stone Age

New study finds earliest evidence yet of differential access to land 

Hereditary inequality began over 7,000 years ago in the early Neolithic era, with new evidence showing that farmers buried with tools had access to better land than those buried without.

The Great British Story
Our Part in the Great British Story


The Great British Story: A People’s History - a new landmark eight part television series on BBC TWO, kicks off on Friday 25 May by looking at the roots of early Britain.

Heroes and Villains of Wales

Making Hay
Heroes and Villains of Wales, ed. H. Bowen (Gomer, 2012)

Dr Richard Marsden, Exploring the Past co-ordinator and SHARE alumnus, will be talking about appearing at the forthcoming Hay Festival on Saturday 2 June, and his part in the new book: Heroes and Villains of Wales to be launched at the festival, on the Roy Noble Show on BBC Radio Wales next Wednesday, 30 May at 2pm.

To listen and find out more:

Join the Science and Humanities debate!
Dr John Robb [Cambridge, keynote speaker] is to speak on The Future Neolithic: Science and the Humanities at 5.10 pm on Monday 14 May at the opening of Early Farmers: the view from Archaeology and Science, a major international conference, organised by the Department of Archaeology and Conservation, Cardiff University, and generously supported by the British Academy. 

The Times of Their Lives


A five-year collaborative project between Cardiff University and English Heritage that aims to construct a more precise chronology of Neolithic civilisations in Europe has just been awarded €2.5M from the European Research Council.



Centenary of the Titanic disaster
Hear Cardiff’s Dr Bill Jones talk about European emigrants on the ship and especially about the Welsh migrants on board. Catch him on BBC Radio Cymru Friday 6 April 12.30 ( repeat Sunday 8 April 1.30).


Mark Baker

ITV Wales this Week: Grand Declines
Cardiff postgraduate Mark Baker has contributed to this week’s Wales This Week programme on ITV Wales,  Grand Declines: Wales’s Buildings at Risk Register.

Catch it at 7.30pm, Tuesday 3rd April on ITV 1 Wales and at 8.30pm on the ITV + 1 Service in Wales. An article about the programme will also be made available on the day of transmission through the following website


Choices Triple Crown for Welsh Universities
Triple Crown for Welsh Universities


Welsh Higher Education Institutions beat off competition from across the UK to win three out of four awards given by the Universities Association for Lifelong Learning (UALL) - the national body which represents part-time education in universities. 

Time Team Talk

To Cardiff University Students on 1st March

Time Team Series Director, Sian Price gave a well-received presentation to Cardiff archaeology students on St David's Day thanks to links between the Channel 4 television series and Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion.


Huw Edwards
The Story of Wales

The Story of Wales

Catch Cardiff University historians and archaeologists contributing to a major new six part series on BBC 1 Wales starting 27 February at 9pm

Presented by Huw Edwards

Wales Map
Histories of Wales

BBC Radio Wales
Starting Sunday, February 19, BBC Radio Wales, 1.30pm.
In this 6-part anthology series broadcast on Radio Wales, 6 historians present a theme in Welsh history they feel passionate about. Cardiff University’s Dr Bill Jones is the series adviser and introduces each programme, its theme and presenter.