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Programme for JK Galbraith Conference

JK Galbraith in historical context: programme


Wednesday 3 September 2008

14.00 Welcome from Peter Coss

14.15 The Galbraith Tradition (Chair: Peter Coss)

Richard Parker (Harvard) ‘Was there a Galbraithian political economy?’
Matthew Hilton (Birmingham) ‘Galbraith and the critique of comsumerism’

16.00 Tea

16.15 Galbraith and Anglo-American politics in the twentieth century (Chair: Scott Newton)

Anthony Badger (Cambridge) ‘Galbraith and American liberalism from FDR to Clinton’
Noel Thompson (Swansea) ‘Galbraith and the British Left’

19.30 Dinner


Thursday 4 September

09.15 Galbraith and the critique of mid and late twentieth century capitalism (Chair: Jim Tomlinson)

Guiseppe Fontana (Leeds) ‘Galbraith and the neo-liberal revolution’
Michael Dietrich (Sheffield) ‘Galbraith and the modern corporation’

11.00 Coffee

11.15 Galbraith and economic history  (Chair: Alan Milward)

James Foreman-Peck (Cardiff) ‘Galbraith as a historian of the world economy’
Roger Middleton (Bristol) ‘Galbraith and the “new economics”’

13.00 Lunch

14.10-15.00 Galbraith and economic history (resumed)

Roger Backhouse (Birmingham) ‘Galbraith’s place in the history of economics’

15.00 Tea

15.15 Panel Discussion followed by open forum (Chair: Professor Peter Coss)

Alan Milward (LSE and EUI), Jim Tomlinson, Richard Parker:

Galbraith and history:  
i) the key aspects of Galbraith’s s economics for historians and political scientists;
ii) an appraisal of Galbraith's view of history and politics

16.30 Conference ends

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