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Cardiff Archaeology Research Seminars - autumn 2014 & spring 2015

All seminars take place in room 4.44 John Percival Building (Humanities Building) at 17:10, unless otherwise stated.

All welcome


Autumn Semester 2014

02 October

Ben Jervis (Cardiff University)

The Entangled Lives of Objects and Documents: Rural Material Culture in Medieval England


09 October

Robin Bendrey (University of Reading)

The man who stares at goats: a zooarchaeologist’s investigations into human-animal relationships at the origins of farming in the Zagros Mountains


16 October

Taylor Lauritsen (Cardiff University)

Choosing Sides: Laterality and Movement in Greek and Roman Houses


23 October

Lucy Cramp (University of Bristol)

From beeswax to bitumen: unwrapping mummification techniques in Egypt using biomolecular approaches


30 October

Kostas Kotsakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)

Paliambela Kolindros in Northern Greece and the earliest Neolithic in Greece: New evidence, new concepts


13 November

Vicky Crewe (Cardiff University)

Squalid, Wretched and Dangerous: Victorian Uses for Tudor Ruins


20 November

Jacqueline Cahill Wilson (LIARI Project)

What did the Romans ever do for us? Ireland and the Roman Empire


27 November

Hannah O'Regan (University of Nottingham)

Australopithecus and how many carnivores? The palaeoecology of African hominins


04 December

Marc Vander Linden (University College London)

For those about to farm, we salute you: recent work on the neolithisation of the western Balkans


11 December



Spring Semester 2015

To be confirmed