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Cardiff Archaeology Research Seminars - autumn 2011 & spring 2012

Autumn Term 2011

13th October

Dr John Grattan


Death more desirable than life- development of early industry and mining in Jordan


27th October

Prof. Irene Lemos


Lefkandi on Euboea: Recent research


3rd November

Dr Duncan Garrow & Dr Fraser Sturt

Neolithic Britain

Stepping stones to the Neolithic? Islands, maritime connectivity and the 'western seaways' of Britain, 5000-3500 BC


17th November

Dr. Gabor Thomas


Settlement dynamics and the Anglo-Saxon Conversion: New perspectives from Lyminge, Kent


24th November

Dr. Evan Chapman


A many layered mystery: The abandoned Roman armour found during 2010 excavations at Caerleon


1st December

Mr. Sal Garfi

Conflict archaeology

Examining an archaeology of colonialism, conflict and exclusion - the case of Western Sahara


8th December

Dr. Oliver Craig


From foraging to farming in Northern Europe: Molecular and isotopic contributions to the debate


Spring Term 2012

2nd February

Dr Paul Pettitt


Landscapes of the dead: The evolution of hominin mortuary activity from apes to the Upper Palaeolithic


9th February

Dr. Mary Cahill

Bronze Age

Bronze Age sheet goldwork in Ireland - form and function


16th February

Prof. João Zilhão


The persistence of Neanderthals in southern and western Iberia: Issues of stratigraphy, dating, environment and adaptation


23rd February

Prof. Oliver Cregihton


Designs upon the land? Elite landscapes of the Middle Ages


1st March

Dr Matt Pope


On the cutting edge: Neanderthal occupation in the British Isles


15th March

Prof. Stephen Shennan


Boom and bust in Neolithic Europe?


22nd March

Prof. William Bowden


A town of the Iceni. New research at Caistor-by-Norwich


26th April

Dr. Christopher Loveluck


Exploring the dynamics of maritime-oriented societies in northwest Europe, AD 600-1150: settlements, landscapes, networks and identities


3rd May

Dr. Anna Boozer


Exploring Rome's Egyptian frontier