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Degree Programmes in Ancient History

Ancient History at Cardiff involves exploring the history, society and culture of the Greek and Roman world through a wide variety of original source material: ancient literature, such as epic poems, legal speeches, historical accounts and private letters; documents such as inscriptions and papyri; and archaeological material, such as art, architecture, burials and survey data.



We offer three full-time and part-time single honours programmes, including two integrated degrees which combine Ancient History with Archaeology or Medieval History. We also offer a range of full-time joint honours programmes, which allow you to study Ancient History with other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.



Within each degree programme, you can choose from a wide range of Ancient History options to suit your interests, whether they lie in political, social or military history, or in art, architecture and material culture. Ancient texts are studied in translation, but if you want to read the originals, you can learn Latin or Greek at any level from beginners' to advanced.




Postgraduate Taught

We offer a range of MA programmes, including several interdisciplinary MAs that combine Ancient History with Archaeology, Medieval History or Religious Studies. All our MA programmes are designed to provide structured training in research skills and methods, and a choice of taught thematic modules and research-led Special Topics which enable students to explore their interests in depth.



All our MA programmes are available on a full-time or a part-time basis.

Postgraduate Research

We can provide supervision for research degrees in a wide range of areas, from Early Iron Age Greece to the Byzantine Empire; see our Research pages for details.