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Submitting Your Essays

Essays should be submitted in the following fashion:

  • In typed script: after Christmas in Year 1 and throughout Years 2 & 3, you will be expected to present typed course work, portfolios and dissertations. Hand-written work will be returned, unless you have prior permission. Further help with the relevant University Information Technology is available.
  • Securely bound: that is, stapled and presented in a plastic envelope or folder.
  • With a School Essay Cover Sheet (see link on right) attached to the front. A paper copy can be found in the School Office, or in the Student Handbook (download link on right).
  • Be the correct length: staff will only award marks for text within the word limit. Text outside the word limit will not be read. For advice, see the relevant Module Handbook.
  • Be deposited in the essay box: the essay box is emptied by the School secretaries at the start of each day and the essays are stamped with the previous day’s date, prior to distribution to relevant staff.
  • Be on time: you must submit your coursework by the relevant deadline. Deadlines for Year 1 essays can be found in the Student Handbook (download link on right). Essay deadlines for Years 2 and 3 can be obtained from the relevant Module Handbooks. Please note that is your responsibility to ensure that essays and other coursework is submitted completely, correctly and on time.

Note: you should always keep a copy of the work you are submitting (in both paper and electronic form). For further advice, contact the Student Support Officer, Richard Cawley.  Please also note, that this form relates to formative, undergraduate essays only.  This form should not be used for the final submission of examined portfolios.  If you need further clarification, please contact Fiona Nicholas.

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