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One of the great strengths of the Cardiff degree is the range of modules enabling students to tailor the programme to their own interests and needs. In the second and third years, options enable students to specialise in such areas as Islamic Studies, Asian Religions, Religious Studies, Biblical Studies and Christian Theology. Students can also choose to maintain the same extensive breadth encountered in the first year.

In this section, you will find information on all of our current undergraduate courses, including a description of the module's aims, content and necessary pre-requisites (if applicable). You will also find Module Handbooks and other relevant material to download. The module information contained in this section is divided into two broad categories: modules relating to our BA Religious & Theological Studies programme and module relating to our BTh Bachelor of Theology programme. Within this, our module information is further broken down into Credits and Levels.

The material contained in this section should be read in conjunction with the relevant degree regulations. Further information is available in the Undergraduate Study area of the Department's website.

These pages contain information on many of the Department's current Religious & Theological Studies modules, although they will not all necessarily be taught every year.  Course details are arranged by credit level.  Within each level, modules are arranged by module code.  To find out more about each course, simply click on the relevant headings below.

BA Religious & Theological Studies Modules

Bachelor of Theology (BTh) Programme