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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew & Further Biblial Hebrew - 20 credits + 20 credits (RT2104 & RT2105)

Module Tutor: Dr Hector Patmore

Summary of course content

Classical Hebrew is a Semitic language belonging to the same language “family” as Aramaic and Arabic. It is the language of most of the Jewish Scriptures (which in turn became also the Christian Old Testament).

The first part of this double module teaches the Hebrew square script, reading, writing and transliteration skills, and covers the elements of classical Hebrew grammar and syntax. It prepares students for further study of grammar which will lead to the translation of texts (using grammars and dictionaries) in the second part of the double module.

This language will be of interest to students of Religious and Theological studies and to others who wish to expand their knowledge of canonical (Jewish and Christian) texts, who wish to understand the ancient world and/or who wish to sample a Semitic language.

Credits: 20 + 20

Availability of module: Every year

Prerequisites: N/A

Necessary for: RT2304 Hebrew Texts


The aim of this double module is to introduce students to the script, the reading, writing and  transliteration, basic vocabulary and basic grammar of classical Hebrew, so as to give a secure foundation for the study of selected biblical texts in Classical Hebrew II.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the double module a student should be able minimally to read, write and transliterate accurately Hebrew script, to recognize common grammatical forms and to be able to translate them in context.  Typically a student should be able to read, write and transliterate Hebrew script accurately, to describe (parse) and construct simple grammatical forms and to be able to translate compound sentences from Hebrew to English and vice versa.

Teaching methods

Language classes


Coursework (Autumn semester); Examination (Spring semester)