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Although we realise that examinations can be very stressful, they are a necessary part of your studies at University. In order to help you through exams, we provide support on a wide range of exam and revisions skills. Your first port-of-call should be the Student Support Officer (Richard Cawley), who has a particular role in providing you with exam support.

Revising for Exams

Although everyone revises for exams differently, there are a number of key tips worth remembering:

  • Refer to your notes: the notes you have made during lectures, seminars and private study will provide you with a vital source of information about exams. That is, they will give you an indication of the key topics and discussions within a particular subject. Understanding your notes is thus of crucial importance.
  • Use the course material: each course has its own Module Handbook, which gives you details on the relevant learning outcomes, lectures and seminars. Essay titles are also another common feature. Understanding the structure of your module is vital in understanding the kinds of topics that will emerge within the exam and the kinds of discussions they have generated.
  • Ask questions: if you don't understand a particular aspect of a topic, ask the relevant lecturer. Lecturers are happy to clarify points that seem unclear. Doing so will help give you the edge in exams.
  • Shape your notes: that is, exams expect you to make use of a particular body of knowledge/thought to answer a specific question. In other words, you will be marked on how effectively you use the sources at your disposal to answer the question at hand. It is essential, therefore, that you can shape what you know into a coherent argument.
  • Devise a revision plan: devise a plan for your revision and stick to it. Don't leave your revision until the last minute.

Unable to Attend?

If for any reason you are unable to attend an exam, you must contact the Academic Registry and the School as soon as possible. You will also need to contact the School's Student Support Officer (Richard Cawley) and in the case of ill health, you will need to provide a doctor's certificate and/or other relevant documentation.

Timetables and Other Information

A wide range of information relating to examinations is available.

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