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As a student, you are expected to demonstrate that you are progressing academically by attending lectures, language classes, seminars and tutorials. It is extremely important that you attend all of your classes for the following reasons:

  • Your lectures and language classes are the main way in which you learn about the subjects you are studying in the school.
  • It is in the lectures and language classes that you find out what the key topics in your subject are, which can help you structure your additional reading. The lectures and language classes are also the place where you can receive guidance on this additional reading.
  • Your seminars are the place for you to discuss issues raised in the course of your lectures with a small group of your peers. This gives you the opportunity to iron out any problems you may have in understanding your lectures.
  • Both your lectures and seminars will help you prepare your essays and revise for your exams.
  • Regular attendance at your language classes is essential if you are to keep up with the class.
  • Your presence can also help others to learn (as well as you), whilst student absence disrupts the learning process for the whole group.

Furthermore, the University requires undergraduates to be in attendance during the publicised semester dates, including those weeks designated for reading, revision and assessment. Non-attendance may result in

  • The initiation of Monitoring and Exclusions Procedures by the School
  • You being deemed to have withdrawn from the University
  • The sponsor being informed of non-attendance, which may result in the adjustment of financial support
  • The Student Loans Company being informed of non-attendance, which may result in the initiation of repayment proceedings

If you are absent for more than three days you must either supply a medical certificate, in cases of illness, or obtain the assent of the Head of School. If you are absent for more than twenty consecutive working days you must apply for a leave of absence or be transferring to another scheme, otherwise you will be requested to withdraw. Further information regarding absence is available. The Student Handbook and Academic Regulations Handbook also give detailed information.