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The Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem - 30 credits (HS1815)

Module Tutor: Peter Edbury Edbury, Experience of Crusading

This module examines the first hundred years of the history of the kingdom founded by the crusaders. A major theme inevitably centres on how the western settlers coped with almost constant conflict with their Muslim neighbours. This in turn raises questions such as how the economy worked, how far the kingdom was dependant on western Europe for support, and what sort of society developed under crusader rule. Underlying all these topics is the question of why people in western Europe thought the Holy Land was worth fighting for.

Professor Peter Edbury is an international recognised expert on the history of the Crusades. The translator of Philip of Novara, Le Livre de Forme de Plait (2009), he is currently involved in a major AHRC-funded project to provide a new edition of the Old French Continuation of William of Tyre.

Preliminary reading for this module:
Hans E. Mayer, The Crusades (2nd edn, 1988)
Jonathan Riley-Smith, The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades (1995)
Joshua Prawer, The Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (1972)
Jean Richard, The Crusades c.1071-c.1291 (1999)
Carole Hillenbrand, The Crusades: Islamic Perspectives (1999)
Peter M. Holt, The Age of the Crusades: the Near East from the 11th Century to 1517 (1986)