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Disability and Special Needs

Both Cardiff University and History Department are committed to providing support for disabled students. To help achieve this, a wide range of facilities, services and support structures have been put in place.

This section of the History & Welsh History website provides information on the kinds of support services offered:

Students with Disabilities or Dyslexia

If you have a disability or dyslexia that may impact on your studies or performance in assessment, please contact the  University's Disability & Dyslexia Service. Applications for special provision in examinations must be made to the Head of History & Welsh History, Chair of the Examining Board, at the beginning of each academic year.

Central University Disability & Dyslexia Service

Cardiff University provides a wide range of support services for students with disabilities and other special needs. The University's Disability & Dyslexia Service is the gateway through which these services can be accessed. The Service has a number of dedicated specialists to offer advice and assistance. The Service has two main student centres, each located at one of the University's campuses.

Extenuating Circumstances

During your study at Cardiff, there may be times when you experience personal difficulties which affect your studies or impact on your performance in an assessment. The University refers to these personal difficulties as extenuating circumstances and has a number of ways to support you if they are affecting your studies. Extenuating circumstances are defined as circumstances that:

  • have prevented you from performing at your usual level in an assessment or examination, and
  • are severe and exceptional, and
  • are unforeseen or unavoidable, and
  • are close in time to the affected assessment or examination.

If you encounter problems and have valid extenuating circumstances, there are a number of remedies that can be used to help support you.

You can find the University’s policy on reporting and dealing with Extenuating Circumstances here: Further information on extenuating circumstances and how to report them can be found in the School Handbook.

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