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Advanced Greek Historical Texts - 10 credits (HS3347)

Staff: Stephen Lambert

This is an advanced level course in reading Greek inscriptions, which builds on work done in HS3345/6 Greek Historical Texts. Emphasis is on historical analysis and interpretation of the texts, as well as on developing language skills. Classes will involve translation and discussion of linguistic points and historical aspects.

Availability: autumn semester every year
Optional for: all Ancient History degrees
Teaching: 10–12 classes
Assessment: one 2-hour examination, which will require the candidate to translate inscriptions and analyse their historical significance.

Syllabus content

The texts studied will normally be relevant to one or more other Ancient History modules on which participating students are enrolled. A number of inscriptions will be discussed (usually 1–2 each week, depending on length).


To provide students with the opportunity to study texts of Greek inscriptions at an advanced level; to improve their understanding of the contribution of Greek inscriptions to historical knowledge; to improve their Greek language skills.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, the student will demonstrate:

  • the ability to translate Greek inscriptions into English and comment on their historical context at an advanced level.
  • the ability to understand the meaning of inscriptions written in ancient Greek, and their historical context.
  • the ability to handle evidence and reason historically.
  • a knowledge of ancient Greek as it is used in inscriptions from different parts of Greece.
  • the ability to communicate their knowledge and understanding effectively in writing.

Preliminary reading

P. J. Rhodes and R. Osborne, Greek Historical Inscriptions 404–323 BC (Oxford 2007)

Please consult the module tutor for further advice about appropriate reading.

Related modules

Prerequisite: HS3345/6 Greek Historical Texts, passed with a grade of at least 60%

Other modules to consider taking in conjunction with this one:

HS3314 Expansion and Conflict in the Greek Poleis

HS3315 Kingdoms, Cities and Hellenization

HS3371 Athens in the Age of Demosthenes and Lykourgos