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Latin Historical Texts - 10 credits (HS3343/4)

Staff: Richard Evans

In these modules, students  study one or more Latin texts, historical or epigraphic. Texts will be studied for both grammatical structure, and their importance as historical evidence. Classes will involve translation and grammatical comment, as well as discussion of the historical context and significance of the text.

Availability: autumn (HS3343) and spring (HS3344) semesters every year.
Optional for: all Ancient History degrees
Teaching: 10–12 classes
Assessment: one 2-hour examination. Passages will be set from the prescribed texts for translation and comment.

Syllabus content

Texts studied might include Livy, Virgil, Catullus, Tacitus, Pliny's Letters, Cicero, and selected inscriptions.


To provide students with the opportunity to study Latin texts relevant to their chosen modules; to improve their language skills; and to apply their understanding of the texts to historical modules.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the module, the student will demonstrate:

  • the ability to read and understand Latin texts of different types and genres.
  • the ability to comment on the historical relevance of passages read in the original language.

Useful reference books

Kennedy, Revised Latin Primer (new edition, 1962)
Cassells Latin Dictionary

Related modules

Prerequisites: HS3421 Reading Latin 1 and HS3322 Reading Latin 2, passed with a grade of at least 60%; or a good A-level in Latin, or an equivalent qualification

Other modules to consider taking in conjunction with this one:

HS3316 Conquest and Crisis: the Roman Republic

HS3317 Roman Imperial History 31 BC–AD 138

HS3318 The Later Roman Empire AD 284–602