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Special Topic: The Crusades - 20 credits (HST916)

 The Crusades were a startling and spectacular phenomenon which exerted a powerful influence on European development over a period of many centuries. Crusading was a many-faceted experience and much recent writing has been devoted to explaining how the remarkable notion of salvation by slaughter arose and to understanding the mentalities which gave rise to it.  This module covers a broad chronological period ranging from the conflicts between Christian and Muslim in the eleventh century to the Ottoman conquests of the early modern period. It embraces topics such as the ideology of crusading, the organisation of crusades, logistics, land and sea operations, and the interrelationships between the crusades and religious developments, politics and economy. This module allows the student to choose their own topic on the crusades and study it in detail whilst engaging with modern debates and improving their knowledge and critical analysis of the range of literary and archaeological sources available.