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Special Topic: Attic Epigraphy - 20 credits (HST035)

By a wide margin, more ancient Greek inscriptions have been found in Athens and Attica than anywhere else in ancient Greece, and they have the potential to contribute to our understanding of the history of this city and region to an extent which applies nowhere else. Attic inscriptions are (a) historical documents, (b) archaeological objects (some also have relief sculpture), and (c) linguistic texts, and can be studied from all three of these points of view (or a combination). This module is designed to provide an opportunity for students to pursue a topic of their choice within the field of Attic epigraphy. While some knowledge of ancient Greek is desirable, it is not essential, depending on the choice of topic. Introductory tuition in epigraphy will be available, depending on the students' prior knowledge and experience of the field and the aspect of it which they wish to pursue.