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Miss Caroline Pudney 

Caroline Pudney
Position:PhD Student

PhD Research

This thesis centres on the concept of social change and continuity.  The major consideration of this research is if and how outlooks upon the world may have changed for those inhabiting the Severn Estuary during the late Iron Age and Romano-British period.  Using the Severn Estuary in the Roman period as the focus I hope to show how identities were played out through material objects at a time where the interaction of different cultures meant that identity and meaning were never static or simple but fluid and complex.

For further details of my PhD research please see the Research tab.

Other Interests

  • Roman Towns and theories of urbanism
  • Archaeological theory and method
  • Use of archaeology in deciphering the modern day
  • Roman military in Wales

PhD Supervisors

Dr Peter Guest
Dr Steve Mills


Seminar tutor for:

HS2102 Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World
HS2104 Post-Roman and Medieval Britain
HS2362 Roman Britain:An introduction
HS4308 Death and Burial in the Roman World

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