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Mr Ioan McAvoy 

  • Overview
Position:PhD Ancient History

Academic History

MA in Ancient History, Cardiff University (2012 - Distinction). Dissertation title: Gender, Immorality and the Roman Youth.
BA in Ancient History, University of Bristol (2010)

PhD Research

Generously funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Working Title: Hellenism and Effeminacy in Roman Conception.

The purpose of my research is to illuminate the gendered nature of the negative characterisations held by Romans of Greeks and Greekness. I argue that gendered characterisations were not inevitable responses to foreignness from a misogynistic society, but constitute a coherent subordinating strategy by Roman authors. I hope to show how effeminacy and Hellenism were deeply integrated into Roman moralistic fears of the Late Republic, and that those outside the ruling/literary elite were conflated in response to their otherness (thereby linking young men, Philhellenists, foreigners and women).

Start Date: October 2013

First Supervisor: Dr Laurence Totelin
Second Supervisor: Dr Guy Bradley

Additional Information 

Other Areas of Interest: Gender construction, ancient sexuality, ethnic prejudice, the Roman youth, clothing.