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Mr Matt Nicholas 

  • Overview
Position:PhD Archaeology

Academic History

MSc Technology and Analysis of Archaeological Materials - UCL (AHRC funded) - 2008
BSc Archaeological Sciences (2:1) - University of Bradford - 2004

PhD Research

My PhD research is focussed on the analysis of non-ferrous metalwork excavated from Early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries under RAF Lakenheath, Eriswell parish, Suffolk. More than 800 objects (mostly copper-alloy) were recovered. Topics investigated include the range of alloys and the diversity of production techniques, including extraction, hammering, casting, and decoration from tinning and gilding, to inlaying, chasing and punching. The techniques of analysis used include low-power microscopy, pXRF (or HHpXRF), scanning electron microscopy and XRD.

Working Title:
Early Anglo-Saxon non-ferrous metalwork from RAF Lakenheath, Eriswell.

Start Date: October 2010

First Supervisor: Professor John Hines

Second Supervisor: Dr Panagiota Manti (from 2011)

Additional supervisor information:
Initially supervised by Professor Ian Freestone (2010-2011)

Start Date: October 2010



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Additional information

Prior to starting the PhD I worked in commercial archaeology on a wide range of sites in England, Wales and the 4th cataract region of Sudan. I also spent two years working at the Pitt Rivers Museum, primarily on the project 'Characterizing the World Archaeology Collections'. During the project I catalogued over 3000 objects, produced research on over 10,000 and retrieved over 30,000 from displays and stores for specialist examination. The project resulted in a book (published in March 2013) in which I co-authored one chapter.

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I can also be found on Twitter,, ResearchGate and Mendeley.