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Mrs Kishli Laister-Scott 

  • Overview
Position:PhD Archaeology

Academic History

I completed my first degree in English at Cardiff in 1999, and then went on to study for an MA in Medieval British Studies, which I completed in 2001.

PhD Research

Working Title: The Perception and Use of Animals in Medieval Gloucestershire, c AD 700-1400

My research seeks to synthesize the available historical, archaeological and place-name evidence for medieval Gloucestershire to explore how animals, birds and fish were recognised and exploited, and how this changed during the period of the study. I am particularly interested in the available evidence for the development and importance of livestock farming for the local area, and how this impacted on the region as a whole.

Start Date: 2006
First Supervisor: Prof John Hines
Second Supervisor: Dr Jacqui Mulville


I have been teaching at Cardiff University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning since 2004 in a wide range of topics related to Anglo-Saxon England.