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Postgraduate Research Students

This section provides information on current postgraduate research students in the Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion.

List of the current Postgraduate Student Representatives

Students are organised alphabetically.

Degree Programme
Ahmed, Abdul-Azim Religious & Theological Studies
Alderton, Nick History / Welsh History
Anthony, Rhea Religious & Theological Studies
Baber, Tessa Archaeology & Conservation
Baker, Mark Archaeology & Conservation
Baruah, Ved History / Welsh History
Best, Julia Archaeology & Conservation
Binysh, Betty History / Welsh History
Brown, Robert Religious & Theological Studies
Bryan, Glyn Religious & Theological Studies
Bryant, Joanna Religious & Theological Studies
Buckingham, Hannah Archaeology & Conservation
Butler, Colin Religious & Theological Studies
Butler, Rachel Religious & Theological Studies
Burnett, Adele Archaeology & Conservation
Clark, Jonathan Archaeology & Conservation
Clausen, Sarah History / Welsh History
Collins, Dawn Religious & Theological Studies
Colwill, David Ancient History
Conceicaodo Neto, Claudio History
Crowley, Heather Archaeology & Conservation
Davies, Alex Archaeology & Conservation
Davis, Mary Archaeology & Conservation
Deane, Susannah Religious & Theological Studies
Doherty, Sarah Archaeology & Conservation
Edwards, Arthur History / Welsh History
Eirug, Aled History / Welsh History
Emmerson, Nicola Archaeology & Conservation
Esterson, Zachary Religious & Theological Studies
Evans, Alun Religious & Theological Studies
Evans,Alwyn History / Welsh History
Evans, Angela History / Welsh History
Evans, Sally Archaeology & Conservation
Field, Anna History / Welsh History
Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Ancient History
Flatt, Stephen Religious & Theological Studies
Forward, Alice Archaeology & Conservation
Fulton, Michael History / Welsh History
Gaite, Pierre History / Welsh History
Gammill, Deborah Archaeology & Conservation
George, Thomas History / Welsh History
Giddens, Heather Archaeology & Conservation
Gilmer, James Ancient History
Greaney, Susan Archaeology and Conservation
Hall, Joshua Ancient History
Hameed, Mustafa Religious & Theological Studies
Hancock, Simon History / Welsh History
Harthill, Alison History / Welsh History
Hemthep, Sakda Religious & Theological Studies
Hogg, Lara Archaeology & Conservation
Horler-Underwood, Catherine History / Welsh History
Jenkins, Beth History / Welsh History
Jenkins, Simon History / Welsh History
John, Edward History / Welsh History
Jones, Jennifer Archaeology & Conservation
Jones, Manon History / Welsh History
Jones, Melissa-Julian History / Welsh History
Kalogiropoulou, Evanthia Archaeology & Conservation
Khan, Asma Religious & Theological Studies
Kloukinas, Dimitrios Archaeology & Conservation
Kontogianni, Vasiliki Archaeology & Conservation
Kuhlmann, Henning History / Welsh History
Laister-Scott, Kishli Archaeology & Conservation
Law, Matt Archaeology & Conservation
Lawson, Amber Archaeology & Conservation
Lazarevic, Dragana Archaeology & Conservation
Leighton, Gregory History / Welsh History
Leonard, Victoria Religious & Theological Studies
Lingle, Ashley Archaeology and Conservation
Losasso, Jasmine History / Welsh History
Mancini, Maria Ancient History
Majoros, Christie History / Welsh History
McAvoy, Ioan Ancient History
McDermott, Nicholas History / Welsh History
Miltiadous-Johansson, Alexia Archaeology and Conservation
Moore, Timothy History / Welsh History
Morgan, Jeremy History
Nasanen, Liisa Archaeology and Conservation
Nicholas, Matt Archaeology and Conservation
Nordgren, Eric Archaeology & Conservation
O'Brien, Katrina Religious & Theological Studies
Phillips, Peter Religious & Theological Studies
Philp, Rhiannon Archaeology and Conservation
Raye, Amy Religious & Theological Studies
Reynolds, Leah Archaeology and Conservation
Rice, R Sean Archaeology & Conservation
Robinson, Peter History / Welsh History
Roddan, Hector History / Welsh History
Shepherd, Robyn Religious & Theological Studies
Siddiqi, Bulbul Religious & Theological Studies
Sinibaldi, Micaela Archaeology & Conservation
Smith, Michael Ancient History
Smyrnaios, Ioannis Archaeology & Conservation
Starkey, Joe History / Welsh History
Stratton, Susan Archaeology & Conservation
Strazzula, Chiara Ancient History
Thomas, Geraint History / Welsh History
Thomas, Sian Archaeology & Conservation
Timol, Riyaz Religious & Theological Studies
Towers, Susanna Religious & Theological Studies
Trimmis, Konstantinos Archaeology & Conservation
Twinn, Peter Archaeology & Conservation
Vandekerckhove, Dweezil History / Welsh History
Vihervalli, Ulriika Ancient History
Wareham, Evonne History / Welsh History
Wilkins, J Christopher Archaeology & Conservation
Williams, Scott Archaeology & Conservation
Woods, Gillian Archaeology & Conservation
Wypyski, Mark Archaeology & Conservation