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Miss Nadia Cracknell 

  • Overview
Position:PhD Ancient History

Academic History

2009–  PhD Ancient History, Cardiff University

2009 MA History and Archaeology of the Greek and Roman World (Distinction), Cardiff University
British School at Rome, City of Rome Course (April–May 2009)
Dissertation title: ‘The House of Augustus? Context and Complex’

2008 BA (Hons) Ancient History and English Literature (First Class), Cardiff University

PhD Research

Working title: Triumphabant Aeternae Domus: Victory and Triumph in Roman Domestic Decoration

The omnipresence of warfare in Roman society made it an intrinsic part of the creation of ‘Roman’ identity and status. The exploration of Roman attitudes to warfare has mostly focused on the very public and often biased views of poets and orators. However, the potential of domestic decoration, especially wall paintings, to suggest how the Roman people viewed warfare has remained largely unexplored. My interest lies in identifying examples of Roman wall painting and other domestic decoration that relate to military victory and triumph. Paintings from Pompeii, Herculaneum, Rome and other domestic decoration from Fregellae, Boscoreale, Oplontis and beyond may reveal that the ever-present role of warfare in the Roman state led to a heightened consciousness of warfare within the Roman home. Through the analysis of this decoration I hope to explore how warfare pervaded the domestic sphere in Roman society. I aim to understand how far such imagery held a propagandistic value or was simply the creation of fashion throughout the Republic and Imperial periods.

My research interests include Roman public architecture, domestic decoration, and in particular wall painting. I also have an interest in Etruscan funerary art, the Roman triumphal procession, Roman warfare and Roman traditions of historical commemoration in art and architecture.

Start Date: September 2009
First supervisor: Dr Ruth Westgate 
Second supervisor: Dr Guy Bradley

Additional Information

Recent Papers

  • ‘Victory in the Roman Home’, Ancient History Research Seminar, Cardiff University, October 2010
  • ‘Trajan’s Forum: A Triumphal Reading’, poster presentation at the Classical Association Conference, Cardiff University, April 2010

Awards and Prizes

  • Cardiff University 125 Award (2010)
  • Cardiff School of History & Archaeology Doctoral Studentship (2009–2012)
  • Cardiff School of History & Archaeology MA Studentship (2008–2009)
  • G.A.T. Davies Prize for the best final-year performance in a Joint or Integrated degree involving Ancient History (2008)
  • Elizabeth Thomas Prize for the best second-year performance in Ancient History (2007)
  • Cardiff University Scholarship (2006)


I am a seminar tutor for both Part One Ancient History modules:

HS3101: Introduction to Ancient Greek History

HS3102: Introduction to Roman History