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Dr Mark Williams 


Forthcoming (2014):

The King’s Irishmen: Irish Royalism, Europe, and the Experience of Exile, 1649-1660,  ‘Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History’, Boydell & Brewer Press.   

Constructing the Past: Writing Irish History 1600-1800, eds. Mark Williams and Stephen Paul Forrest, Boydell & Brewer Press, (2010).


'Between King, Faith and Reason: Father Peter Talbot (SJ) and Catholic Royalist Thought in Exile, 1649-1660', English Historical Review, 127.528. (October 2012), pp. 1063-99.

‘Father John Ponce’s Reflections on Sir Kenelm Digby’s On the infallibilitie of religion (1652): An unprinted manuscript source’, Archivium Hibernicum, 45 (2012), pp. 179-98.

‘History, the Interregnum and the Exiled Irish, 1649-1660’, in Williams and Forrest, (eds.), Constructing the Past: Writing Irish History 1600-1800 (Boydell & Brewer Press, 2010), pp. 27-48.

‘Service and Survival: The Impact of Irish Royalists in the Exiled Court of Charles II, 1649-1660’ in Griffin and McWilliams (eds.), Irish Studies in Britain (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010), pp. 19-32.