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Dr Paul Webster 


  • 2007: Ph.D., ‘King John’s Piety, c.1199-c.1216’, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge
  • 2002, M.Phil in Medieval History, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge
  • 2001, B.A. in History, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, 1st class honours

Schools/University attended:

  • 1998-2007: Peterhouse, University of Cambridge
  • 1990-1997: Cardiff High School

Since completing his doctoral studies in 2007, Paul Webster has worked as a Teaching Associate at Cardiff University, in the Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion.

I offer the following Part Two modules:

HS 1713 ‘The Devil’s Brood’: The Angevin Kings of England c.1154-c.1272

HS 1813: Kingship: Image and Power, c.1000-1399

I contribute to teaching the following Part One module:

HS 1801 Dissertation

My doctoral studies were funded by a full-time Ph.D. grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Board.

Member of the Royal Studies Network

  • 2003-2004: Co-editor, Register of Medievalists in Cambridge (17th edition)
  • 2001-2006: Sir Herbert Butterfield Research Student in History (Hon.), Peterhouse, University of Cambridge
  • 2001: Makin-Foster Prize for History, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge

Conference Papers:

  • July 2007   International Medieval Congress, Leeds:

‘King John and Rouen’

  • Dec 2007   Conference entitled ‘Cathedrals, Communities and Conflict, 1000-1350’, Canterbury Christ Church University:

‘Crown, Cathedral, and Conflict: King John and Canterbury’

  • July 2009   International Medieval Congress, Leeds:

‘Imposing Interdict and Excommunicating a King: Aspects of Pope Innocent III’s Letters to King John’

  • Sept 2009  Conference entitled ‘The Military Orders: Politics and Power’, Cardiff Centre for the Crusades, Cardiff University:

‘The Military Orders at the Court of King John (1199-1216)’

  • July 2010   International Medieval Congress, Leeds:

‘Making Space for King John to Pray: The Evidence of the Royal Itinerary’

  • Dec 2010   Conference entitled ‘New Approaches to Medieval Religious Cultures: Concepts, Perceptions and Practices of Piety and Charity’, German Historical Institute, London:

‘Faith, Power, and Charity: Royal Piety in the Anglo-Norman and Angevin Realm’.

  • Apr 2012   Conference entitled ‘Kings & Queens: Power, Patronage, Personalities & Politics in Medieval & Early Modern Europe’, Bath Spa University and July 2012, International Medieval Congress, Leeds:
    ‘From Conflict to Commemoration: King John’s Family Piety’
  • Dec 2012   Conference entitled ‘Medieval Crusade Historian: Professor Peter Edbury Retirement Day’, Cardiff University
    and July 2013, Conference entitled ‘Kings and Queens 2: Making Connections – Alliances, Networks, Correspondence and Comparisons’, University of Winchester
    ‘King John and the Crusades’

Forthcoming Conference Papers:

  • July 2012   International Medieval Congress, Leeds:

‘From Conflict to Commemoration: King John’s Family Piety’

Seminar Papers:

  • Nov 2003  Medieval Research Seminar, Cambridge:

‘Like father like son? The piety of the Angevin ruling family, c.1154-c.1216’

  • Nov 2005  The Crusades and the Latin East Seminar, Cambridge:

‘A notable non-event? King John of England’s piety and his interest in crusading’

  • Feb 2006   12th and 13th Century Graduate Workshop, Cambridge:

‘Hell’s Angel? King John’s monastic benefaction and the road-trip of a lifetime’

  • March 2010           Cardiff University History / Archaeology Humanities Forum

& Nov 2010          London Society for Medieval Studies, Institute of Historical Research

‘Did England’s ‘evil’ king go to church? The historical problem of King John’s piety’