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Rev Dr Karen Smith 


  • Core Text in Christian Spirituality, London, SCM Press, 2007(ISBN 978-0-334-04042-2)

Journal Articles

  • Beyond Public and Private Spheres: Another Look at Women in Baptist History and Historiography in Baptist Quarterly, Vol. XXXIV, April, 1991, pp. 79-87. (ISSN 0005-576X)
  • Southern Baptist Relationships with Other Baptist Denominations, Baptist History and Heritage, XXV, July, 1990, No.3, pp. 14-23. (ISSN 0005-5719)
  • Expository Article on Mark 14.32-42, in Review and Expositor, Vol. 88, no.4, autumn, 1991, pp. 433-437. (ISSN -003406373)
  • The Role of Women in Early Baptist Missions in Review and Expositor, Vol. 89, no.1, winter, 1992, pp. 35-48. (ISSN-0034-6373)
  • Practical Ministry and the Dialogue Between Past and Present  in Journal of the American Academy of Ministry, Summer 1993, Volume 2, Number 1, pp.27-34.
  • The Best Book of All in Proclaiming the Baptist Vision: The Bible, ed. Walter B. Shurden, Smyth Helwys Publishing, 1994, pp.105-110. (ISBN 1-880837-98-6).
  • The Tie That Binds: The Suffering of Christ and Our Suffering in Theology Themes, Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 1994, pp. 3-7. (ISSN 0965-927-7)
  • Serving the Word, in Homily Service, January, 1990, October 1991, and May, 1992) (This is an ecumenical journal published by the Liturgical Conference of Washington, D.C.).
  • 'The Baptist College at Montreal, 1836-1849: The British Baptist Connexion,  with special reference to the contribution of the Baptist Missionary Society',  A lecture presented  in March 2000 to  for the Acadia Centre of Baptist and Anabaptist Studies, Acadia Divinity College, Wolfville Nova Scotia and published  in The Baptist Quarterly, Vol 4, October, 2006, pp.455-480.
  • British Women and the Baptist World Alliance: Honoured Partners and Fellow Workers? Lecture given to the Baptist Historical Society Summer School, 2002  and published in The Baptist Quarterly, Vol. 41,  No.1, January , 2005, p. 25-46
  • Dorothy Day: An Ordinary Saint? in  Perspectives in Religious Studies, Volume 31, No.1, Spring 2004(ISSN 0093-531X ), pp. 71-82.
  • Women in Cultural Captivity: British Women and the Zenana Mission a paper given at a Conference on Women in Baptist History, Baptist History and Heritage Society, June 2005 published  in Baptist History and  Heritage,  Vol XLI, Winter 2006, No.1  p. 30-41. Also published in Baptist Quarterly, Vol. 42, No 2,Part 1, pp.103-113 and continued in Vol 42, No.3, pp.  245-248.
  • ‘English Baptist Origins’ in The Baptist Origins Series, Baptist History and Heritage Series, (Baptist History and Heritage Society, 2006).
  • A Fellowship of Believers: Covenant Relationships among British Baptists in Perspectives in Religious Studies,  Vol. 36, No. 4, Winter, 2009, pp.391-405.

Contributions to Books

  • Community and Conflict: Theological Conflict a chapter in Community in Diversity, A History of The Walnut Street Baptist Church, ed., Bill J. Leonard (published by Walnut Street Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky, 1990). (ISBN 0-9627788-0-X)
  • Tradition, in A Handbook of Themes for Preaching, ed., James W. Cox, (Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster/John Knox Press, 1991) pp. 240-242. (ISBN 0-664-21928-4)
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  • Articles on Anne Steele, Benjamin Beddome, Charles Cole, James Fanch, Philip Furneaux, Emily Chubbock Judson, Sarah Hall Boardman Judson, John Lacey, Asa Messer, Richard Pearsall, Henry Philips, Joab Powell, Daniel Sharp, Valentine Wightman, and Robert Robinson in A Dictionary of Evangelical Biography, ed., Donald M. Lewis,  Basil Blackwell Publishers, 1995. (ISBN 0-631-1-17384-6).
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  • The Covenant Life of Some Eighteenth-Century Calvinistic Baptists in Hampshire and Wiltshire in Pilgrim Pathways, Essays in Baptist History in Honour of B.R. White, ed. W.H. Brackney and Paul Fiddes, (Mercer University Press,1999), pp.165-183. (ISBN 0-86554-687-8).
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  • Preparation as a Discipline of Devotion in Eighteenth Century England: a Lost Facet of Baptist Identity?  in Baptist Identities Volume 19 of Studies in Baptist History and Thought, eds. Ian M. Randall, Toivo Pilli and Anthony Cross ( Milton Keynes: Paternoster,  2006), pp.22-44. ( ISBN101842272152). A paper given at the Third International Conference on Baptist Studies (16-19 July 2003) International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague.
  • The Liberty Not to Be A Christian: Robert Robinson, (1735-90) of Cambridge and Freedom of Conscience  in  Distinctively  Baptist, Essays on Baptist History, ed. Marc A. Jolley with John D. Pierce (Macon: Mercer University Press, 2005)  ISBN 086554770X
  • Forgotten Sisters: The Contributions of Some Notable but Un-noted British Baptist Women, in Recycling the Past or Researching History? (Studies in Baptist History and Thought) Vol, 11, eds, Philip E. Thompson and Anthony R. Cross, Paternoster, 2005.
  • Nannie Helen Burroughs (1883-1961):  A Voice for Social Justice and Reform   in Twentieth Century Shapers of Baptist Social Ethics, ed. Larry McSwain and Loyd Allen,  Macon, Mercer University press, 2007  ISBN: 978-0-88146-100-8.
  • James  Fanch, of Lockerley and Romsey (1704-1767): The Spiritual Counsel of An Eighteenth Century Baptist  Pastor in Pulpit and People, Studies in Eighteenth-Century Baptist Life and Thought, ed. John H.Y. Briggs (Milton Keynes: Paternoster, 2009)  pp. 58-74.
  • What about the Widows? An Appeal to Nineteenth Century Baptist Women…a paper tgiven at the Baptist Historical Society Centenary Conference in Prague, July 2008. (forthcoming in Baptists and the World: Renewing the Vision, ed. by John H.Y Briggs, Paternoster, 2010)
  • Articles on The Great Awakening, Bible Societies, Methodism, Single Women as Missionaries, New  Baptists in England and the American colonies, Pietism, Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan  in Christianity: The Illustrated Guide to 2000 Years of the Christian Faith,  (Sydney, Australia: Millennium House,  2009).