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Prof Geoffrey Samuel 

Postgraduate Students

I have supervised some eighteen PhD and Masters students in the UK, Australia and the Netherlands, in areas including Tibetan religion, society, economy and literature; Buddhist education in Sri Lanka; Tibetan Buddhism in Western societies; environment, consumption and expression in Australia; religion and environmentalism; Korean shamanism.

Students with interests in doctoral research in the following areas are invited to Geoffrey Samuel directly:

  • Buddhism in Tibetan and other Asian societies; Indian religions, especially anthropological and ethnographic approaches
  • Meditation, yoga and healing; Tibetan medicine and other traditional Asian medical and healing systems
  • Western adaptations of Asian religions, especially Buddhism.
  • Western adaptations of Asian health, medical and yogic practices
  • ‘Shamanic’ forms of religion; understanding the mind-body relationship in religion, culture and healing


Current PhD students

Dawn Collins: "Shamanism and Spirit-healing among Amdo Tibetans"

Bulbul Ashraf Siddiqi: "The Tabligh-iI Jama’at in Bangladesh and the UK: An Ethnographic Study of an Islamic Reform Movement" - co-supervisor Santi Rozario

Susannah Deane: “Lay perspectives on psychiatric illness and healing and their implications for the management of psychiatric illness in a Tibetan community in India.” Co-supervisor, Tracy Loughran.

I am also external supervisor for Ulrike Cokl in the Dept of Anthropology, University College, London (“Cultural Hospitality Practices, Tourism and the Economy of Relationships in Bhutan: A View from a Bhutanese Village.”)

Current MPhil student

Kamrunessa Khondker: "River Forts: An Archaeological Study on Mediaeval Secular Architecture in Bangladesh." - co-supervised with Denys Pringle