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Prof Bill Jones 

Dr William Jones
Position:Professor in Modern Welsh History

Telephone:+44 (0)29 208 76104
Fax:+44 (0)29 208 74929
Location:John Percival Building 5.39

Research Activities

  • Nineteenth and early twentieth century Welsh emigration and Welsh communities outside Wales
  • Wales and the British Empire
  • Industrial, social and cultural history of modern Wales
  • Australian and American immigration history

Research Projects

The ‘Welsh Church’: Religion, Society and the Welsh in Melbourne c1840-2001

Welsh Copper Smelters in Chile in the nineteenth century, ‘World of Copper’ Network (Leverhulme funded)

Research centre

Co-Director, Cardiff Centre for Welsh American Studies


Part One Undergraduate Modules

(delivery in English and Welsh)

(delivery in Welsh)


Part Two Undergraduate Modules

Year 2

(delivery in English and Welsh)

(delivery in English and Welsh)

Year 3

(delivery in English and Welsh)


MA in History / MA in Welsh History

  • Society and Identity in Wales 1840-1914 - 20 credits (HST628) (delivery in English and Welsh).

(delivery in English and Welsh)

I also contribute to the Masters module CYD043 Cymru ac America [Wales and America] in the School of Welsh and am currently supervising 6 PhD (1 jointly with WELSH) and 3 MPhil students. Supervision for postgraduate research students is available in English and Welsh

Impact and Engagement

Course Director of the Cardiff University Programme, Wales Fulbright Summer Institute

Frequent presenter and contributor to radio and television historical documentaries in Welsh and English (see below). Frequent guest lecturer / speaker, in Welsh and English, to lay history societies, libraries, museums, national and local organisations, adult education classes etc. (see Biography: Recent Presentations ).

Radio and Television

I have been contributing regularly to local and national television and radio programmes on a range of subjects since 1980. The following lists the more substantial activities only and excludes contributions to news programmes:

Television: Presenter, writer, and researcher for several television historical documentaries: 2002: Haearn a Dur (Iron and Steel), 4 programmes (HTV / S4C); 1994: Tanchwa'r Albion (on the 1894 Albion Colliery disaster); 1993: Draw, Draw Ymhell i Wlad Oedd Well? (on Welsh emigrants in Scranton, Pennsylvania); 1991: Mynd Rownd y Twist (on chewing tobacco in mining culture); 1989: Dod i Nabod yr Emlyn (on the history of the Emlyn Colliery).

Also contributed / acted as historical adviser to, among others: 2013: Cofio Senghennydd; 2013: Royal Wreck of Gold / Y Trysor Coll, Foxtel Australia / S4C; 2012: Cowboi Penfro, S4C; 2012: The Story of Wales, BBC Wales; 2012: Drama in the Bay, BBC 2; 2011: The One Show. BBC; 2011: Gleision Colliery, ITV Wales News and documentary; 2011: Perthyn, S4C. Two separate programmes in this family history series; 2009: Ferret on Welsh History, ITV Wales; 2006: Hanes y Molly Maguires, TV Ireland / S4C; 2006: Chwarae’r Cymoedd, HTV / S4C; 2006: Tanchwa Senghennydd, S4C; 2006: O`r Henwlad i Ohio, S4C; 2005: Canu’r Cymoedd, HTV / S4C; 2005: Rhyfel y Cymry, HTV / S4C; 2005: Fishlock’s Sea Stories, HTV; 2004: The Star Spangled Banner, HTV; 2004; 1995: The Once and Future Valleys, HTV Wales; 1994: Glowyr (Miners), BBC Wales.  

Radio (Selected; excludes most contributions to news programmes): 2013-14: Historical consultant for second 6 part series Histories of Wales (BBC Wales / The Open University in Wales); Introductory sequence presenter for each programme; 2013, Senghennydd, BBC Radio Cymru, 2012: Historical consultant for 6 part series Histories of Wales (BBC Wales / The Open University in Wales); presenter and writer of Programme 1 Moving In and Moving Out; introducer of remaining 5 programmes in the series. Also historical adviser and introducer for second series to be broadcast 2014; 2012: B L Coombes’s These Poor Hands, BBC Radio Wales, 2012: Titanic, BBC Radio Cymru; 2011: Gleision Colliery, BBC Radio Wales; 2011: Rhaglen Dei Tomos, BBC Radio Cymru; 2011: Wedi Saith, S4C; 2011: Rhaglen Nia, BBC Radio Cymru; 2011: Programme on the UK Census, BBC Radio Cymru; 2011: Making History, BBC Radio 4; 2010: Beti a’i Phobl, BBC Radio Cymru; 2011: Rhaglen Dei Tomos, BBC Radio Cymru; 2009: Making History, BBC Radio 4; 2008: Rhaglen Hywel a Nia, BBC Radio Cymru; 2007: Mass Observation, Wales Observed, BBC Radio Wales; 2006: Y Cymry yn yr Unol Daleithiau, BBC Radio Cymru; 1999-2000: Adviser and contributor to BBC Radio Wales's multi-part series, The Millennium History of Wales, programmes 10-12, based on my chapter in The People of Wales [see Publications].

My research has also featured in interviews on radio and television on Australian Broadcasting Corporation, New South Wales, ABC South Australia, ABC Western Australia; in Trelew and Esquel Patagonia; and in Pennsylvania.

Historical adviser / consultant to official bodies, projects and media organisations including:

2010 -- : The Dragon and the Eagle / Y Ddraig a’r Eryr. Historical consultant for television producer / director Colin Thomas on a project that will to produce Wales’s first ‘vook’ (video book); 2010: CADW, character study projects; 2007-09: Western Australia State Government, ‘History of the Welsh in Western Australia’ project; 2006, 2009-10: Two travelling exhibitions on the Welsh in America shown at Ellis Island, New York, and numerous other venues in USA organised by National Assembly for Wales; 2006: Welsh National Opera; 2005: BBC Migration Web Project; 2005: Pearson Educational Publishers.