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Dr Nic Baker-Brian 


The Roman Empire AD 337-363

This project investigates evidence for the dynastic consolidation of the so-called ‘Constantinian Revolution’ by the sons of Constantine, with a particular focus on the imperial rule of Constantius II and Julian the Apostate. The project also seeks to examine in greater detail the political and cultural concerns of the Constantinian monarch, Julian the Apostate, as evidenced in his own collection of writings.

The project aims are three-fold: the first took place between 2009-12, and involved the hosting of an international conference at Cardiff University in 2009 on the writings of Julian, and the publication of that conference’s proceedings as Emperor and Author: The Writings of Julian the Apostate in 2012. The second aim of the project will be to produce literary and historical commentaries on selected writings of Julian. The third concern involves the writing of a biography on Constantius II, due to appear ca. 2015.

All three projects employ a variety of methods, and include philological, historical, epigraphic, literary, and material forms of analysis. Activities include the upcoming international panel, ‘The Roman Empire: AD 337-361’ at the Celtic Classics Conference, Bordeaux 3, Sept. 2012.

‘Emperor and Author: The Writings of Julian the Apostate’ conference was supported by the Loeb Classical Library Foundation £5,000.

Conference document available at: