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Dr Padma Anagol  -  BA, MA, MPhil, PhD (Lond.)


Suitably qualified doctoral students are very welcome to apply to study their PhD with me. Themes and topics that cover broadly British Imperial History in relation to India and the political, social and cultural history of Modern and Contemporary India. Knowledge of Indian languages is an asset but not compulsory. A flavour of the kind of topics and themes from completed and on-going research projects and a list of students working with me is given below.


Ved Prakash BARUAH,

Title:  ‘Opium-eaters and Opium Peddlers: Cultural Manifestations of Opium in Northeast India and its Echoes in a Transnational Age, 1750–1950’, (Start date: April 2012). Candidate holds a SHARE Studentship.

Ceri-Anne FIDLER,

Title: ‘Lascars, c.1850 – 1950: the lives and identities of Indian seafarers in Imperial Britain and India’, (Completed Jan 2010). Candidate was an AHRC Award holder and held a post doc fellowship titled ‘Power Fellowship’ at the Economic H istory Society, UK from 2010-2011.


Title: ‘Contending Authenticities: Representations of ‘Hindu Custom’ in Late Nineteenth century Colonial Bengal’.  (Completed March 2010, External Examiner)

Kieth D WHITE,

Title: ‘Pandita Ramabai (1858-1922): A Re-Evaluation of her Life and Work.’ [Completed 2003]