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Conservation of Objects

We have experience of working on a range of archaeological and historical objects including metals, wood, leather, glass, plaster and stone. Conservation can be carried out in-situ or in our fully equipped laboratories, as necessary. The conservation needs of each object are individually assessed and a treatment proposal drawn up in agreement with the client. Conservation treatments use materials and processes which as far as possible are reversible, and take into consideration the object's future context, use and conditions of display.

Excavated pieces of waterlogged leather                Treated leather reassembled to form a shoe

Waterlogged leather pieces, excavated from the Newport ship site, were treated, dried and reassembled to give the shoe on the right.

Excavated iron object


X-ray showing lines of decoration


Conserved Roman dagger handle

The images above show an iron object which the x-ray indicated was decorated. Careful conservation using an airbrasive machine to remove overlying corrosion layers revealed the decoration. The object was identified as part of a Roman dagger handle.

For further information about the types of work we can carry out, or for a quote, please contact:

Mr Phil Parkes

Position:Senior Conservator
Mr Phil Parkes
Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75628Extension: 75628