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What's New?

Relevant Results

The biggest improvement with our new search service is relevancy of results. On the old search service, some keywords would find so many pages, that you'd have to do your own personal search through the results to find what you were looking for. Our new search provides more relevant, intelligent results based on they keywords you enter.

Google Power

Our new search service uses the powerful Google Custom Search engine to find keywords across all of the University's web sites and pages. This means all the speed, intelligence and functions of Google but applied to Cardiff University content.

Search Helpers

Search Helpers are behind-the-scenes rules that help you find things faster and easier. One example of a Search helper is if you type 'buisness' but you meant 'business'; the search service will correct your spelling for you. Another example is if you type how some University-specific words are said, rather than their correct spelling; anyone searching for the 'Beaut Building' will find the 'Bute Building'.

Highlighted Links

Highlighted links are another new, helpful feature. Cardiff University has a number of pages which might not always rank higher in search results, but are normally more important than pages that do. A highlighted link will appear at the very top of a page together with an icon, allowing you to easily jump to key pages such as Academic School homepages, the 'For...' pages, Divisional homepages and more.

Refine Your Search

Using our 'Refine Your Search' options, you can narrow your search down to a certain group of web pages, removing all other pages from your results. Examples include specific searches for people, courses, events or news stories. If you still don't find the information you are looking for, click back to 'All our pages'.

Widen Your Search

'Widen Your Search' offers you the ability to search the entire web with just one click, sending your search keywords to Google. Other widened searches include searches for Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses.

More Information

We are trialling the new search service over the summer and feedback on how well it is received is critical to this service being implemented. To send us your feedback, visit the main search page; if you don't have much time, use the quick poll on the right. If you have time to send us specific comments, you can use our feedback form here.

Search Beta has been a joint project by Information Services (INSRV) and the Web Content & User Experience team (SRWEB division). Special thanks to Simon Williams and Ben Armstrong.

If you'd like to know more about recent improvements to the content and user experience of the Cardiff University website, you can read the Web Content & User Experience blog at:

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