Legal / License

This page is a copy of the sDNA license agreement, in case for any reason you need to read it before downloading the software.  Don’t worry, it’s quite friendly.


sDNA License Agreement

Be nice!

sDNA comes with a polite request attached.  You can use a tool such as this to make the world a better place, or a worse one.  Please try to stick to the first option.

Don’t be shy!

We could do with some publicity.  So, where you release material to the public, to your clients or to an academic journal that is produced with sDNA, we require you to cite the software in your publication… does that seem fair?  Do this how you like, though one way might be:

sDNA version [insert version number here]. Cardiff University.

(FYI: Some journals like you to add the date the software was published, and the date you downloaded it.  The former can be gleaned from the download page of our website, which lists the release dates of all sDNA versions.  The latter, only you will know).

Now here’s the rest of the obligatory legal stuff…

No warranty

This software comes with no warranty of any kind (honestly, no software ever does, what did you expect..?!)  Please do get in touch if you’ve got any problems though and we’ll see what we can do:

Don’t be naughty

You’re welcome to redistribute this software, but you’re not allowed to reverse engineer or modify it, nor to extract parts of it, nor to circumvent the mechanism that checks with our servers whether or not you’re actually a registered user.  If you give copies to other people, you’ll find that they need to register as a user on our website ( before their copies become usable.  Oh and you can’t put it on a server for other people to use.

Stuff we have to put in because someone else said so

“This software may contain a redistributable form of the Intel OpenMP library.  Disassembly and reverse engineering of the redistributables is prohibited.”

There.  Done it now.

GEOS library

We also use the open source GEOS library, redistributed in DLL form under the terms of the LGPL version 2.1, because it’s nifty.  If you’d like the source code for that you can get it from us, as I think we’re required to help you get it (  Really if you’re interested though you should check out the GEOS site which will be far more informative.


To prevent unauthorized use of the sDNA software, the sDNA License Manager takes a hardware fingerprint of your machine which is transmitted to our license server.  This fingerprint is not used for any other purpose.

And that’s it, thanks for reading.