The following projects are associated with the Sustainable Places Research Institute:


Spatial Design Network Analysis (sDNA) led by Dr Crispin Cooper is a standard method for analysing spatial networks. It is methodology and an evidence base accompanied by a suite of industry standard free software tools. Sign up for training and learn how to use spatial network analysis.

Diversity of Upland Rivers for Ecosystem Service Sustainability

The DURESS project is part of a major Research Council initiative to assess the role of biodiversity in delivering the key ecosystem services on which people depend.

Research into ecosystem services is progressing at Llyn Brianne Stream Observatory. The project is now developing this theme further by investigating the role of stream biodiversity in the regulation of water quality and in sustaining wildlife.


The Seagrass Ecosystem Research Group (SERG) is a collaboration between scientists at Cardiff University and Swansea University, engaged in basic and applied research into the structure, function and resilience of seagrass meadows, within a linked social ecological system and the food security support they provide.