We operate across all three Colleges of Cardiff University, and are making new connections in sustainability science.

Bringing together over 100 researchers, we are developing place-based responses and solutions to issues including climate change and resources depletion – this is being done on the specific requirements of individual places.

Research within Sustainable Places focuses on the complex and dynamic interrelations between ecosystems, society and economy at different spatial scales. This is achieved within six interrelated research areas and the hub.

Developments in the Research Hub include:

  • Developing city-region and landscape observatories
  • Theoretical, conceptual and methodological development and innovation
    • Progressing the adaptive governance of sustainable places
    • Progressing place-based learning communities
    • Linking biodiversity and food security
    • Linking biodiversity, natural capital and ecosystem services
    • Spatial Design Network Analysis
    • Place as a boundary device for the sustainability sciences

Developments in the six research areas include: