Road Jam

More roads, more misery – how commuting is killing us

12 December 2014

Commuting is always a hot topic. This week, Dr Daniel Newman was invited onto a BBC regional radio station to talk about why we find commuting so stressful

Juvenile Cod_seagrass

For the love of cod, let's save our disappearing seagrass

27 November 2014

Seagrass is one of the most important coastal habitats where young ocean-going fish such as Atlantic cod can grow and develop. But these critically important habitats, revealed in new research, are being damaged the world over and its not just threatening biodiversity but our food security


Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Spatial Development Planning

3 November 2014

A three months interactive programme for Postgraduate Students in Leuven, Belgium (March – May 2015)

3d network analysis of the South Wales Valleys

Not just a pretty place

15 October 2014

How our sense of place may help us to connect with a more sustainable way of life.


Minister announces review of protected sites in Wales

2 October 2014

Professor Terry Marsden, Director of the Sustainable Places Research Institute, will chair the independent panel which will carry out the review of the governance arrangements for Wales’ designated landscapes.


New research highlights importance of Indonesian seagrass conservation

1 October 2014

New research demonstrates that protecting seagrass meadows in Indonesia could be critical for national food security and important fisheries exports.

Senedd event

Experts hold Senedd event to break the “invisible barrier” of energy use

26 September 2014

‘Sense of Energy’ exhibition to engage public in how to live more sustainable lives.

UK Government visa rules challenges thinking on integrated society

UK Government visa rules challenges thinking on integrated society

4 September 2014

When it comes to immigration, there are surely few people who would be better integrated into British culture than those who are married to (and, perhaps, parents of) British citizens. However, the UK Governments new visa rules, introduced in 2012, restrict the rights of citizens who want to bring their foreign spouses to live with them.

Pushing the pace of tree species migration

Pushing the pace of tree species migration

4 September 2014

In a new paper Dr Eli Lazurus and Dr Brian McGill explore the kind of intervention required to make a temperate forest biome keep up with the velocity of climate change.