Health beyond the health sector: planetary systems, urban systems, human systems. Dr Jose Siri


Dr Jose Sir is a visiting researcher from the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health. This talk will focus on systems thinking about planetary and urban health, including the global science and policy contexts and some of his work at UNU-IIGH.

Getting our hands dirty: participation in ecological restoration. Ella Furness, Sustainable Places PhD student.


Ella Furness will be doing an introductory seminar on her current research about community participation in ecological restoration.

“The missing middle of the UK food system – a breeding ground for new organisational forms and better for sustainability?” Alice-Marie Archer


In this seminar Alice will discuss her theory and field work which suggests that there is a missing middle in the UK food system.

Interdisiciplinary Research on Energy Transitions Postgraduate Conference


This one day conference will provide a forum to explore emergent research on energy transitions in the UK context.

Seeing Community Through the Trees: The interpersonal outcomes of connecting with nature. Dr Netta Weinstein


Dr Netta Weinstein from Cardiff School of Psychology will be presenting her research on the way nature affects human behavior.

International Seagrass Biology Workshop 2016

17/10/2016 - 23/10/2016

Project Seagrass and the Seagrass Ecosystem Research Group (SERG), will be hosting the International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW) an official activity of the World Seagrass Association Inc.