Professor Mike Bruford

Professor Mike Bruford

Mike Bruford is a molecular ecologist in the School of Biosciences and Head of the Organisms and Environment Division, with expertise in studying the demographic and evolutionary processes in small and fragmented populations.

Specifically, he focuses on understanding the determinants of diversity and structure in endangered species and especially those where direct study (using standard ecological methodology) is not possible.

His projects focus towards both an understanding of the basic processes governing the evolution of endangered species and the provision of data and management recommendations for policy and action.

He and his team study a combination of elusive wild species, such as orangutans in Borneo, and model organisms, such as endangered livestock breeds whose demographic history is often well understood mainly using non-invasive genetic analysis (forensic profiling). Increasingly, these data are integrated with landscape analysis.

Professor Bruford serves on the editorial boards of Acta Theriologica, Integrative Zoology
and Endangered Species Research. He has previously served on the editorial review board for Molecular Ecology and was a founding editor for the journal Animal Conservation, and on grant review committees in the UK, Ireland and the European Commission. He is a member of the Forensics Committee and serves on the Steering Committee for the Wales Biodiversity Partnership.