Professor Ken Peattie

Professor Ken Peattie

Ken Peattie is a Professor of Marketing and Strategy at Cardiff Business School. He was the Director of BRASS, the Centre for Business, Relationships, Accountability and Society, and also.

His work at BRASS focused on business sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and particularly on the relationships between businesses and their key stakeholders (customers, suppliers, investors, workers, local communities and regulators).

Professor Peattie has 20 years of experience researching how businesses are integrating sustainability principles into their corporate and marketing strategies. As a management academic Ken is also interested in businesses and other types of organisation which, although abstract entities, are also 'places'.His research aims to generate knowledge, skills and learning, and to facilitate practical changes within businesses and policy arenas, based on four areas of distinctive research competence which promote:

  • More sustainable and responsible use of technologies and natural resources by business;
  • Patterns of consumption and other behaviours, which contribute to wellbeing and sustainability;
  • More resilient local economies and communities through the application of sustainability principles; and
  • More socially responsible and accountable approaches to governance, management and learning

Before entering academia – joining Cardiff Business School in 1986, he worked in marketing and systems analysis for an American paper multinational, and as a strategic planner within the UK electronics industry.