Dr Yi Gong

Dr Yi Gong

Contact details

Email: GongY2@cardiff.ac.uk

Telephone:  +44(0) 29 208 70955

Completed research projects

  • GraBS (Green & Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco towns) project funded by the European Union's Regional Development Fund
  • Housing and Neighbourhood Monitor project funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • SURegen (Integrated Decision Support System for Sustainable Urban Regeneration) funded by EPSRC
  • PLUREL (Peri-urban Land Use Relationships - Strategies and Sustainability Assessment Tools for Urban-Rural Linkages) funded by the EU FP6
  • SOLUTIONS (Sustainability of Land Use and Transport In Outer NeighbourhoodS) funded by EPSRC
  • CAPABLE (Children's Activities, Perceptions and Behaviour in the Local Environment) funded by EPSRC
  • Town Centre project - "Tracking Retail Trends in London, Creating a Data Time Series" funded by Greater London Authority (GLA) Economics


  • 2010 PhD, University College London
  • 2003 MA, Geographies of Globalisation & Development, University of Liverpool
  • 2002 BEng, Information Engineering, Wuhan University, China


  • Conference coordinator, GIScience research group, Royal Geographical Society with IBG
  • Member, AGI (Association for Geographic Information)
  • Member, OSGeo (The Open Source Geospatial Foundation)

Selected publications

Wang Y, Potoglou D, Orford S, Gong Y. Bus stop, property price and land value tax: A multilevel hedonic analysis with quantile calibration. Land Use Policy. 2015;42(0):381-91.

Gong Y, Gallacher J, Palmer S, Fone D. Neighbourhood green space, physical function and participation in physical activities among elderly men: the Caerphilly Prospective study. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity. 2014;11(1):40.

Gong Y, Mackett R, Visualizing children's walking behaviour using portable global positioning (GPS) units and activity monitors. In: Lin H, and Batty M, eds. Virtual Geographic Environments, Beijing: Science Press, 2009 pp. 295-310.

Brown B, Mackett R, Gong Y, Kitazawa K, Paskins J. Gender differences in children's pathways to independent mobility. Children's Geographies. 2008;6(4):385-401.

Mackett R, Brown B, Gong Y, Kitazawa K, Paskins J. Children's Independent Movement in the Local Environment. Built Environment. 2007;33(4):454-68.

Thurstain-Goodwin M, Gong Y. Mapping long-term retail trends in London. J Target Meas Anal Mark. 2005;13(3):220-33.