Dr Daniel Newman

Dr Daniel Newman

Contact details

Email: NewmanDC@cardiff.ac.uk

Telephone:  +44(0) 29 208 75045

Dan is a Research Assistant at the Sustainable Places Research Institute

Dan is a researcher focused upon issues of social and criminal justice. He completed an ESRC-funded PhD in socio-legal studies at the University of Bristol in 2011, which addressed questions of access to justice and, in particular, how ordinary people experience the criminal justice system as defendants. Dan has been employed as an RA at Cardiff University since finishing his studies, working on the EU-funded ENEVATE project on electric vehicles at Cardiff Business School and the Eco Driving project funded by Shell at Cardiff School of Psychology exploring economic and ecological driving habits. In summer 2013, he came to the Sustainable Places Research Institute, as part of the mobilities theme. His present focus is on the significance of transportation in rural areas, and how this might change with moves to more environmentally-friendly mobility options. In addition to this position, Dan also teaches at Cardiff Law School in the sociology of law.

Current Research

The central thrust of my current research is on social justice, with a special regard for issues of sustainable mobility. I consider the importance of the car system, whereby there is an overwhelming assumption in the West for private ownership of automobiles. A particular interest here is in how this impact on rural communities and their sense of place, addressing the links between access to transport and access to resources, thus considering fuel poverty and mobility related social exclusion.

Wider Research Interests

My criminal justice research stems from an interest in access to justice and has been developed from the PhD study into the lawyer-client relationship under legal aid I conducted at the University of Bristol. The largest study of its kind for some two decades, the research involved a year-long ethnographic fieldwork amongst criminal defence firms to explore how lawyers treat their clients and, thereon, how defendants come to understand the process of doing justice. Issues of the service that can be provided under legal aid are currently very pertinent in a time of austerity and great cuts to this part of the welfare state.

Publications & Other Outputs

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